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Training of auditory awareness instructed by an auditory awareness coach in case of:

  • auditory processing and awareness disorders
  • attentional deficithyperacusisdyslexia
  • tinnitus
  • and much else

The auditory awareness coach stimulates the area between both ears while clarifying high-pitched sounds in music and speech during training. This process enhances the neuronal network associated with the auditory system, stimulates the cerebral metabolism and consequently promotes neuronal connectivity.

The following therapy forms are additionally offered in our practice.

Prices must be determined individually.


NLP/ personality and mentality training

is a method to heighten awareness towards own or others’ ways of perception, expression and automatic patterns of thinking and behaviour in order to finally change or even extend them.

  • Neuro stands for human perception and its processing via our nervous system and brain.
  • Linguistic emphasises the importance of speech for comprehending the environment and the influence of speech on human alterations.
  • Programming refers to (desired/ undesired) behaviour based on learned patterns and its chance to change these habits systematically.

Your own awareness will be enhanced and you will develop flexibility in any circumstances.



The originator of Applied Kinesiology, Dr. George Goodheart, found out that processes in the body are represented in muscular functions.

This applies to:

  • biochemical level (i.e. food which cannot be processed or smells being inhaled) – metabolic processes
  • psyche (i.e. problematic situations, emotional strain)
  • biomechanics (i.e. posture, motion, type of shoes)

Kinesiology aims at discovering imbalances in your body and reestablishing balance. By means of manual muscle-tests energy blockades can be detected and easily corrected. Self-regulatory powers of your body are activated and small imbalances in your bodily energy flow are harmonised.


Bioenergetic relaxing massages

  • full-body
  • face and chest

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